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M.J. Gordon Company :: The arosol mold release specialists
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About Us

About Us :: M.J. Gordon CompanyEconomical, Increased Performance...
is achieved with quality mold release products from the M.J. GORDON CO.

With 45 years of Carnauba Wax Aerosol Mold Release formulating and packaging experience, the M.J. GORDON Team has earned a reputation as the "Aerosol Mold Release Specialists" supplying many of the world's manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment.

GORDON'S Permasil Carnauba Wax Mold. Releases are economical and convenient to use because three operations can be performed with just one can!

1. New Mold Break-in
2.Incomparable Part Release Characteristics
3.Outstanding Rust Proofing Characteristics

Worldwide Proven Performance... ensures that regardless of the product you manufacture or the type of molding process you perform, our quality products will improve your operation.

  • Offers uniformity, control, and convenience of aerosol spray.
  • Enhances properties of highly engineered plastic resins. Tensile strength and displacement either not adversely affected or actually enhanced. Product testing completed by an ISO Certified Laboratory.
  • Are paintable.
  • Meets or exceeds all current E.P.A. Clean Air Standards and Regulations.

Product distribution centers are located in the U.S. (East and West Coasts), England, and Hong Kong. Worldwide same day shipment of your order is accomplished via U.P.S Ground; Common Carrier; and Domestic and International Air and Ocean.