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World's Finest Carnauba Wax Mold Release!

M.J. Gordon Company Carnauba Was Mold Release

GORDON'S Permasil Carnauba Wax Mold Releases are economical and convenient to use because three operations can be performed with just one can!

1. New Mold Break-in
2. Incomparable Part Release Characteristics
3. Outstanding Rust Proofing Characteristics

Aerosol Formulas

Three Carnauba Wax Aerosol Formulas

  • Non-Flammable Solvent-Based (Green)
  • Non-Flammable Water-Based (Blue)
  • Flammable Solvent-Based (Red)

Proven Performance

  • Semi-conductors
  • Electronic Resistors
  • Electronic Connectors
  • Computer Terminals
  • Wire Devices
  • Radio and TV Devices
  • X-Ray apparatus